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Residential camps in the heart of the Gstaad Valley all year round!  The first choice for school trips, and student leadership training in Switzerland. 

We offer a unique and transformative experience for primary, middle, and high school students. Combining experiential learning with thrilling adventures, our multi-day camp in the picturesque Gstaad valley of Switzerland is the ultimate destination for schools seeking to develop exceptional leaders and enhance their learning opportunities beyond the classroom while experiencing the ultimate fun and adventure.

Our bespoke school trip proves a meaningful and rewarding experience with learning outcomes that are carefully tailored for each school and curricular system.

Our school trips offer students a truly transformative camp experience that allows them to discover themselves and collaborate effectively in a team, ensuring a hands-on and immersive experience that fosters personal growth and leadership development.

With a varied set of positive learning dispositions, we developed unique activities in the glistening mountains, lakes and forests that surround our campuses. Each day, students participate in fun and challenging activities that encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone and enjoy themselves. Through outdoor experiences, team activities and hands-on adventures like rock climbing, mountain hiking, canyoning, and rafting, students will learn and practice essential leadership skills such as goal setting, time management, and conflict resolution.

In our leadership programmes, we design and implement fun experiences with constant feedback, reflection, and group evaluations that emphasise developing leadership skills and teamwork through a variety of experiential outdoor activities. 

A bespoke leadership experience for schools

Our programme is designed to meet school community needs. This means that you can choose a trip for any number of days, and select the leadership modules, learning outcomes and activities. We can fully tailor the programme to your preferences and can offer any leadership module from our extensive portfolio. Programmes can be shorter or longer depending on the school request. 

School Camps are offered all year round and are designed based on:

  • Your preferred length of programme (2-8 days or more).
  • Your preferred season, month or dates. 
  • We can welcome groups ranging between 20 and 150 students.
  • One grade level or multiple at the same or a different campus.
  • Preferred learning outcomes to focus on and outdoor activities that best fit your students.


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A unique learning experience to master 21st century skills

Your school community gets to choose a custom programme tailored to your school’s vision, needs, preferences, and budget, including exciting outdoor activities such as:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Expeditions & Overnight
  • Bushcraft & Forest Games
  • Mountain Hiking & First Aid
  • Glacier Visits & Winter Outdoors
  • Navigation and Orienteering
  • Forest Games & Challenges
  • Seasonal activities (e.g. canyoning, cross-country skiing etc.)

We can offer a variety of leadership modules from our portfolio of training modules that we developed together with some of our partner schools.

Leadership topics can include: 

  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Optimisation
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict resolution
  • Global Citizenship

Seasonal Special Activities 

Enjoy every season to the fullest with amazing outdoor activities!

We offer a variety of exciting programmes and one-of-a-kind outdoor adventures year-round, so you can get the best of every season. At its finest, our learning experiences are an artful blend of core academic exploration, hands-on activities, skill-building, sports and outdoor experiences enhanced by a natural environment that helps flourishing social-emotional development and meaningful relationships.

Winter Exclusive Activities:

  • Snowshoe Hike
  • Alpine Ski & Snowboarding
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Sledding Building & Racing
  • Ice Skating & Curling
  • Avalanche Rescue Training & Ice Climbing

Summer and Spring Exclusive Activities:

  • Water Sports at the Lake
  • Via Ferrata
  • Canyoning
  • Adventure Park
  • Alpine Roller Coaster
  • Bridge Swing

Learning Outcomes

Our unique portfolio of Student Leadership Series are developed in partnership with some of the finest international schools and can be offered at your school as a one- or multi-day training or at our Swiss Leadership Camp as part of an exciting and constructive school trip with measurable learning outcomes.

As well as having fun, the key learning outcomes achieved by students who participate in our camps and workshops can be described as follows:

Learning skills

Use effective strategies for learning and study including personal learning styles and study skills to unlock their true-selves and maximise their potential while taking responsibility now and in the future.

Communication and interpersonal skills

Enhance communication skills in the areas of public speaking, presentations, media training, effective conflict management and university applications and interviews.

Time management and leadership

Manage time and resources effectively by setting short and long term goals, make constructive choices and learn everyday by effective self-evaluation.


Develop personal talents, use specific roles in a team, motivate members of the team and create synergy while achieving results.

A typical day: Each day brings something exciting and new!

Students connect with others by exploring other people’s perspectives, which fosters personal growth, communication and friendship.

Students get to enjoy invigorating days out in nature while hiking, learning bushcraft techniques and first-aid procedures. The right opportunities are provided by team challenges, group discussions and leadership modules for developing problem-solving, communication, creative thinking, and wellbeing skills.

These thought-provoking presentations lead to lively discussion sessions amongst students, which are interspersed with outdoor action-packed challenges and tasks. Each day brings something new and exciting!

Throughout the experience, our students are encouraged to identify personal goals and make a commitment to accomplish these during their academic, extra-curricular, and daily lives. Students will also finish camp with a course completion certificate and an overview Personal Action Plan, including all competencies and skills learned. This can be a valuable tool for future development and a great way to show mentors at school, friends or anyone else what you have learned.


An example of a typical day:

  • 8:30 Healthy and varied breakfast at campus
  • 9:00 Introduction & Team Building Games
  • 10:00 Leadership Workshop sharing a learning skill
  • 10:20 Experiential Games to practice above skill
  • 12:00 Lunch Break
  • 13:00 Outdoor Activity off campus: Canyoning or High Ropes Park
  • 17:00 Leisure Time
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 Evening programme: Campfire & Musical Workshop.

Leadership School Camps in Switzerland

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