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The importance of outdoor education and school field trips for school-aged children. 

Stimulating student learning is one of the main functions of educators. For this, it is essential that they have at their disposal several instruments to encourage the search for knowledge inside and outside the classroom. One of the ways to achieve this goal are educational outings, school camps and field trips. 

Taking your class on a multi-day trip experience is a powerful way to introduce students to the wonders of nature and the beauty of the outdoors. Elaborate school field trips and outdoor experiences are a great tool to develop fundamentals that are essential to the formation of conscious citizens, a 21st-century mindset, healthy practices and experiential leadership skills in a dynamic and engaging way! 

​​In addition to being a unique and unforgettable occasion, school trips are a lot of fun and come with a strong wealth of values. It promotes active engagement between students and the natural environment, elevating environmental awareness, sustainability and global perspective, as well as understanding others peers’ needs and perspectives.

The Educational Value of Field Trips

These educational school field trips make everything students learn in the classroom come to life, becoming real, developing an interest in creating a better world, encouraging the preservation of the environment, nature, culture and history. Providing your students with outdoor experiences that enhance the school’s values and curriculum can greatly impact their learning process.

Thus, young people are able to motivate themselves, improve school performance and the emotional bond between students and educators, generating cohesion amongst the classmates and school community for the school year and beyond. It also strengthens knowledge about their tastes and skills, helping to build up on their own personal life projects, goals and aspirations. 

Something educators should be aware of is to choose the destination of the trip. All school trips and its pedagogical programs must have a specialised structure and a targeted program. The chosen destination and activity must be aligned to complement what is learned in the classroom, the school curriculum, values, missions and initiatives. 

Feeling motivated to organise your own school trip?

Booking a school trip to Switzerland allows your students to both learn and unwind in an idyllic setting. Easily reached with flights or by coach travel, the Swiss Alps are a unique opportunity for a multi-destination educational visit. Alpine peaks and glacial lakes, hiking trails, majestic forests, and compact, well-organised cities and villages brimming with history, science, and culture are some of our favourite highlights from the trip.

How about customising a school trip for your students, designed according to your school’s needs?    We can create a fully bespoke trip to Switzerland and France, focusing on your specific educational requirements.

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