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Health & Safety

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A high qualified team and Service Excellence

All of our outdoor experiences are guided by certified professionals and provide a safe and fun environment with activities that suit all fitness, age and experience levels.

While our professional team is there to help and to make your Swiss Student Leadership Camp a great experience.

Therefore, our school field trips promote students a great time while helping them to prepare for success in an interconnected world as well as enhance their results and fulfilment in daily life, sports, academics, and exams.

To help them achieve this, each student has a dedicated trainer to help guide them, reflect, and share feedback on a daily basis.


high school students playing in the snow

Seasoned Senior Trainers

A multidisciplinary team of highly experienced senior trainers with more than a decade working with international students at summer, winter and school camps throughout the year.

Our core team of senior trainers is a unique blend of passionate, committed and qualified experts in the field of teaching, outdoor education and coaching. As per educationalists, media trainers, entrepreneurs, project managers, professional photographers, musicians, filmmakers, mountain guides, sports enthusiasts and ski instructors. 

Our team works all year around and when not on field, they are designing and developing new educational workshops and games, visiting exciting locations and venues, thus exploring new opportunities to give your students the most memorable experiences and exclusive activities.

Senior trainers with an incomparable track record work with your students around the clock and have widespread experience working with youngsters from all cultures around the world.

Outdoor educators with students in a school trip

Certified Professionals

We are committed to the highest standards possible to facilitate a unique learning experience while ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of your students.

Our staff looks after the specific needs of the students in their care and all have up-to-date:

  • First aid and CPR training
  • DBS checks
  • Child Protection certification by leading school associations including the European Council of International Schools and the British Schools of the Middle East
  • Many years experience working with young people from different cultural backgrounds. 

We only work with fully professional, experienced and certified instructors and guides, drivers and outdoor providers.

High School Students reading a map in a forest in Switzerland

Camp and Activity Manager

Our Camp and Activity Manager supervises camp operations, coordinates all activities, manages safety, boarding and activities throughout the camp. Our camp, activity managers and trainers speak English, French and German.

Staff from the School at the Camp

Our Camp is fully managed by our team, including a Camp Manager that oversees operations, an Activity Manager that ensures the pedagogical path and our talented staff of senior trainers. However, staff from your school are around to help students if they have any questions and to effectively follow-up on the camp and learning outcomes back at school.

All Inclusive Service

Senior trainers to facilitate the leadership modules which are aligned with your guidance programme and customised per grade level.

Total staff to student ratio of 1:5 throughout the camp.

Supervision and management by our Camp and Activity Manager.

Chef, kitchen and cleaning staff.

Professional and certified (mountain) guides for activities. Guide to student ratio between 1:8, 1:12, and 1:20 depending on the activity.

Additional Insurance

All-inclusive programme and fee covering transfers, full board, activities, equipment, health and accident insurance. Students have premium coverage for accidents during their stay at our camp. The insurance is valid between the time of arrival at our camp and the time of departure from our camp.

Covid Safe

Student and staff wellbeing and safety are our top priority. We have been operating school programmes and summer camps under Covid-19 since June 2020, going above and beyond national and international Covid-19 Protection guidelines. We work with any number of students as we have a safe approach whereby we divide larger groups of students into smaller ones, each guided by a senior trainer.